We serve the loneliest generations

According to a recent study by Cigna, Millennials and GenZers are the loneliest generations to have ever existed.

Part of this loneliness is perpetuated by a lock of genuine connection through social media and the internet.

We will get you connected through our

Peer to Peer Mentoring Program

We take


A hand-picked

Peer Mentor

A year-long


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What Makes Our Mentoring Program Special?

We offer peer to peer mentoring which means we connect you with a mentor close in


We match you with a young woman who is a little older than you!


Your mentor will have several similar interests to help break the ice!


Mentors will be close to you (in either miles or time zones) to easily connect!
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Your Mentor is there to Support You

Our mentors are not:

  • Doctors

  • Therapists

  • Counselors

  • Parents

  • Experts

Our mentors are simply:

  • Extraordinary
  • Caring
  • A support system to walk side by side on your journey over the next year
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We Get You Connected No Matter What!

Maybe you live in a small town or no mentor signs up in your area. That’s okay! We also offer an eMentoring program so no matter where you are in the country, we will get you connected to a mentor.
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Or maybe you’re just looking for resources or don’t meet the requirements to be a mentee. That’s okay! You can find support through any struggle you are facing with our resources!
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