Our Mission

Beneath The Skin’s mission is clear —to offer relationship through mentoring and resources to fans of the music scene in order to support, equip, and guide them on a path of self-love.


Relationships through mentoring and resources.


Supporting, equipping, & guiding our generation on a path of self-love.


Centered around fans of the music scene.


Volunteers helping overcome obstacles & struggles.


Peer to peer mentoring for teens and young adults struggling with anything from self-harm, anxiety and depression, to isolation, loneliness, or just in need of a friend!

Mentee | Mentors

Mentee | Mentors

Mentee | Mentors

Mentee | Mentors

Community Program

5-15 people coming together for the common purpose of healthy relationships, enhancing self-worth/love and a place to feel accepted and wanted!

Palmdale CA (Women)

Pomona CA (women)

Sacramento CA (women)

San Antonio TX (women)

Dallas TX (Men & Women)

Franklin TN (Women)

Chattanooga TN (Women)

Wilkesboro NC (Women)

Raleigh NC (Men)

Florence SC (Women)

Chicago IL (Women)

Our Vision & History

Beneath The Skin is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, reflecting the vision of its founder, Brittany Mullins.

Brittany has a strong desire to serve the struggling youth in the music scene. Many of these teens & young adults come from broken homes, lacking love and guidance. Oftentimes, they don’t feel accepted by their peers & are considered outcasts at school. With these negative environments having an overwhelming impact on their lives, many experience depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts & often turn to self-harm.

In 2009 Brittany had her first heartbreaking interaction with a fan of her husband’s band, Memphis May Fire. This young girl told Brittany her story of abandonment, self-harm, and drug abuse. It was at that moment, Brittany knew there was great need for an organization like BTS.

Beneath The Skin offers Mentors to anyone ages 12-30 in need of a friend. These Mentors support their Mentee through whatever life throws their way, from anxiety, depression, self-harm, to their first year of high-school / college, home transitions, or just general loneliness.

We value healthy relationship, self-love, quality of life, hope, and most importantly, Christ-centered faith.

Brittany Mullins
Beneath The Skin
Founder // Executive Director

Need To Chat?

If you don’t have a mentor, or living in an area where we have yet to offer our mentoring, we are still here to help! You’re not alone – surround yourself with those who will be supportive and a positive influence.



If you have any questions about how you can get involved, feel free to send us a message!



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